​Sue Pyle

I live in the Ozarks and am a transplant from the Chicago area. I enjoy the connection to the land, to the Divine and to the Earth that I feel in this part of the world. I have been a mesa carrier for about 10 years and find that this connects me to power sources greater than myself. I have had many blessings in my life, past and present, and put an emphasis on using my gifts to help others. The KWF is one such focus and it is an honor to me to work with this group and the lives they touch.

​Debbie Davies

I have been in the equine profession for 25 years as a competitor, trainer, body worker and remained an avid student of the horse. They have led me to an inner journey of my own which has led me to develop my own equine growth, and to offer learning and healing programs for others. In 2005 I began my journey with the medicine wheel and in 2010 began traveling to Peru and learning the ancient and mystical teachings of the wisdom keepers of the land. A journey that is a walk of life.

 Treasurer - Vikki Baker

I am a licensed medical massage therapist, mentor and one who shares the indigenous teachings from many traditions. As a mesa carrier and a student of the Andean medicine traditions, I find my walk, my work and my relationships are much richer these days. This community of people coming from the place of the heart, while being in right relationship with the earth has given me the opportunity to create, exchange and receive so much. ​

I'm from Cusco, Peru. I have studied Tourism, Administration and Economics. I work as a coordinator of projects for the Killa Wasi Foundation and also worked as a public administration assistant. At the same time, my social work allows me to teach the Quechua language and work as a translator for Spanish, Quechua and English.

I coordinate activities with high Andean communities where I have direct contact with families where complementary activities are done to improve their family economy.  The other development activities are with students from different schools providing them with needed materials for learning and personal development which will help these young people have a technical skill for their future.

Secretary- Lisa Ziebell

I have been a Mesa carrier and practiced Peruvian medicine for the past several years. Since 2008, I have traveled to Peru and it’s sacred sites. It’s exciting and fulfilling to be a part of the KWF in its blossoming. I feel honored and grateful to be a part of an organization that’s committed to supporting women and their connection to the Divine through nature and everything that exists.

Meet our Board Members

Judy is a mentor, facilitator and life-long student of sacred, traditional wisdom. With a background in psychology, education and healing arts, Judy believes that women carry an empowered role, which is the keystone to the growth of all aspects of humanity. With decades of experience studying cross cultural earth based medicines, Judy’s work focuses on supporting all people to walk in balance with remembered connection.

S. American Program Administrator - Elizabeth Mamani

Treasurer- Becky Click-Rex

With deep gratitude, I support the KWF as treasurer. I wish to share the feminine wisdom and teachings of the High Andean traditions with other women around the world to foster deeper connections in community, with Spirit, and to one’s true purpose. I am from south Louisiana and have worked as a massage therapist since 1990. 

​Anne Hollier

A native of south Louisiana, I find it my privilege to answer a call to walk my medicine in the world. A mesa carrier, landscape architect, Master level Reiki practitioner, and lover of nature, I am currently developing organic soil food. I am excited to participate in carrying forth sacred medicine.

Melanie Robin

A native of Louisiana along the banks of Bayou Teche. I am passionate about giving back in service to humanity with a nature loving consciousness.

President- Sharon Richardson

It is with great gratitude and love of connection that called me to support the KWF's vision of empowerment for women and their families. As a student of ancient wisdom teachings, for over 10 years, I believe in our ability to connect with ourselves, nature and spirit. I live in Calgary Alberta, Canada and have worked for 30+ years in support of people and culture building within organizations as a Human Resources professional..

Founder and Program Coordinator - Judy Bath