These teens are learning about electricity!  They have just wired their first light socket. May 2016

In May 2012  at Maras, Peru the chicken and duck program was launched. This was a pay it forward program where a group of 18 women were each given a number of female ducks or chickens and a rooster which was shared with the community. Once the women learned how to raise their chickens or ducks they were able to provide protein for their children, share some chickens or ducks with their families and others they gave to women who were not part of the original program.  The goal was to have the women teach others in their community and to pay it forward to another community by gifting them their starter ducks. This happened in 2014 with great success.

On Thanksgiving 2014 a new village "Huacotto" (near Cuzco, Peru) identified a need for training of its young boys. The Killa Wasi Foundation introduced a stone carving program. Nine boys worked with a master stone carver to learn the trade.  The boys are enjoying making figures that they can sell in  the local market. This program is continuing in 2016.

In 2015 we supported the women of Huacotto by providing seed money to buy guinea pigs for a number of families. This program is a cooperative program with the community who built the guinea pig homes and planted the right food/grasses for the guinea pigs to eat. Now that these families have learned how to raise guinea pigs they are "paying it forward" by supplying a pair of guinea pigs to other women within their community. It is our hope that these types of programs become self sustaining thus building skills, esteem and independence for the women and their families.

In March 2016  - Working in partnership with a local school in San Jeronimo, Peru, we introduced five educational modules to support young people in gaining skills that they can apply towards a future job. This program is gaining great support from both teachers and students. Currently there are about 100 students attending the program. These students attend at night due to their responsibilities working in the fields, looking after younger siblings or are simply not able to attend school during the day. More to come as we see results!.

I really wanted to learn how to do book-keeping and the KWF supported me to go from Maras to Cuzco to school for 4 months so I could get a certificate in book-keeping. I now live back in my village an help,......

Thank you for your help.

Students are listening to instructions in a cooking class as they learn about nutrition and develop skills needed to feed themselves and their families.They shared Picarones with us (a simple nutritional local treat made from pumpkin flour and local honey), that they just learned to make.

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