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The KWF has a desire to support women and their families in both South and North America. In South America, we provide support to communities with limited education, training, food and nutrition.


KWF provides a platform in North America for women to share the wisdom teachings back in our communities. To do that, we have established funds for grants to support those who wish to create projects and/or programs or host events in our communities.


Local projects are a way to answer a call to action through prayer, ceremony, ritual, events, etc. It is all about us being in right relationship with yourself, Mother Earth and community.

We encourage fundraising projects to provide an opportunity for individuals to raise funds for the Killa Wasi Foundation in support of our vision. The money that is raised is used to create & support self-sustaining community programs, projects and events in North and/or South America. Fundraising is allocated to program delivery, and grants with only 5% allocated for administration.


 See current North American programs in action.

See current  South American programs in action.