Vision & Mission


To participate in the evolution of consciousness in the world’s communities by supporting  women embodying their vision as a vehicle for change in our relationship with the earth and spirit.              

Programs-the americas


We support women and their families who want to help themselves. We provide seed money for small to mid-size programs/projects where the goal is to create self-sustaining programs.

We support women and their families to facilitate change in their communities.
​By walking in right relationship with the earth, communities, families, and within oneself, we are able to promote positive change. In service to humanity, we are able to live from a perspective of love, abundance and grace.
We support women and their families making changes within themselves, in community

and remembering their relationship to the land.

Come walk with us!

It’s amazing what we can do when we come together!

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Every dollar counts! Your donation can be directed to specific programs or to support the whole organization. Only 5% of all funds go to administration. Donate now!