fundraising events:

A local fundraising event in Layfeyette, Louisiana. The women raised money by selling plants at a local market. The funds raised helped finance the women to join the journey to Peru.

Holding a dinner event where members of the Bouquet of Light sponsored fundraising for the KWF and shared tales and stories of the journeys to Peru. This event was held in Alexandria, Louisianna.

North American Programs, Projects and Events

Fundraising started back in 2012 with a day in the park in Springfield Missouri. Peruvian weavings and other crafts were sold and various sacred teachings were shared to those interested. 

projects and events:

In Lafayette, Louisana, on July17, 2016, Aimee Dominique (a friend of KWF) held an open labyrinth walk for the Acadiana community. 35 individuals walked the labyrinth with the intention of prayers for peace, tolerance, and unity.​  This walk occurred during a very difficult time emotionally for our communities given the recent racial discord. The Tara dancers opened the event with a celebration of dance and participants walked with flowers during their prayers; these prayer filled flowers were released into the Vermilion river.

​​As women, we come together in community to share what we have learned through hosting events, holding fundraising drives and offering programs. 

Wine anyone?  A wine tasting event has been held in Calgary twice in support of the chicken and duck program in Peru.  An original oil paining was painted during the event and auctioned off with great success. Stay tuned for the next event.

It’s amazing what we can do when we come together!
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Community ceremonies occur on a regular basis in southwest Missouri. On Saturday August 20th, a fire ceremony was held by Lisa Ziebell in Springfield. Over 25 people came to the fire ceremony to share a meal and community prior to opening sacred space. As individuals held space for each other, they each were called to the fire to do personal clearing and give a gift of gratitude to the fire. The event was so appreciated by all, that monthly fire ceremonies will be held going forward.  Stay tuned on Facebook for new events.

Gumbo! The Louisiana gals were at it again raising money for scholarships and journeys by holding a gumbo sale!  That's great southern cooking at its best!